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Join the Raw Shuck Revolution

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Raw shucking retains the tenderness, ensuring the mussels are juicy and delicious when you eat them. Cook this classic Kiwi Kaimoana just ONCE.

Do not steam them open first (unless you are serving them just steamed of course!).

Trust us, join the revolution and spread the word!

Watch how to Raw Shuck

Watch this video, we’re letting you in on the best-kept mussel secret.

Step by Step

To prise open a raw mussel, use a thin, flexible, blunt knife and open on the beard side of the shell to slice through the adductor muscle.

  • Point facing up
  • Aim knife on side of the beard
  • Squeeze
  • Aim for adductor muscle
  • Go around
  • Pull beard
  • Run tip of the knife
Shucking Step 1
Shucking Step 2
Shucking Step 3
Shucking Step 4
Shucking Step 5
Shucking Step 6
Shucking Step 7
Shucking Step 8
Shucking Step 9
Shucking Step 10
Shucking Step 11
Shucking Step 12

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